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Dr Ray McClanahan - Correct Toes

Correct Toes Toe Spacers - About Dr. Ray McClanahan

Correct Toes toe spacers - About Dr. Ray McClanahan Dr. Ray McClanahan’s practice, Northwest Foot & Ankle clinic in Portland, Oregon, allows hi...
Correct Toes Fix your foot problems

About Correct Toes® Align. Strengthen. Restore.

Spread Your Toes Designed by Dr. Ray McClanahan, DPM, Correct Toes help the foot rehabilitate from the negative effects of conventionally shaped f...
Correct Toes - Toe Spacers

How to Maintain Your CORRECT TOES - The WEAR & CARE Guide

We know that when you purchase Correct Toes you’re investing valuable resources toward the health of your feet. While Correct Toes are made from ...