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Freet Footwear - Barefoot Vegan Shoes Pace & Tanga

FREET Footwear - Vegan Shoes made from Waste Coffee Grounds

Did you know that the FREET Pace and Tanga are made from a 100% recycled coffee grounds flyknit upper? Great for performance – active comfort, durability, quick drying, antimicrobial, breathability … and also great for our planet’s precious resources.
Foot Pain

Foot Pain: Who’s to blame - the shoes, or me?

Seleisa Duddy Podiatrist and Movement Therapist [CPT-Restorative Exercise Specialist]  Feet are our connection to the earth and our first mode of ...
Sustainable minimalist - Lems Boulder Boots

The Simplistic Design of Sustainable Shoes

With so many choices available when it comes to footwear these days, it may be hard to find exactly what you are looking for as well as something t...
How Your Feet Can Help Take the Load off Your Back

How Your Feet Can Help Take the Load off Your Back

Not many people are aware of how much your feet can impact other areas of the body. The majority of people you speak to may reveal that they suffer...
Daring to Go Barefoot

Daring to Go Barefoot

Our feet are very important and deserve to be treated as such. Whether you love to hike, run, or take long walks it is important to maintain a soli...
Freet Connect, Welcome to the bprimal Line-Up

Freet Connect, Welcome to the bprimal Line-Up

We are so very excited to bring you our latest product - the Connect shoes from Freet Footwear! Out of the UK, Freet have designed shoes to have ‘...