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Freet - Bootee - Black (Unisex)
Freet - Bootee - Black (Unisex)
Freet - Bootee - Black (Unisex)
Freet - Bootee - Black (Unisex)
Freet - Bootee - Black (Unisex)

Freet - Bootee - Black (Unisex)

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If you have not worn Freet shoes before, please refer to the sizing information below to ensure you order the correct size. If you need assistance with sizing please chat or email us prior to ordering.

Technical bootee for natural movement whether hiking the trail or walking around town

  • Freet 5in1 asymmetric forefoot for natural foot shape allowing toes to spread naturally
  • PreneMesh upper material for breathability and temperature control. This perforated neoprene upper material is a little warmer than our other FreetMesh uppers but still designed for breathability rather than water resistance
  • ConnectComfort PORON® Midsole aids shock absorption whilst ensuring excellent ground connectivity
  • Conventional lace
  • MultiGrip performance outsole for light trail and pavement grip and durability
  • Black
  • Machine washable at 30 degree. Air dry only
  • Worn with or without socks
  • For wetter, colder conditions wear with a waterproof sock
  • Vegan

Weight: 420grs (size 42)


The shoes are made to European sizing to offer more sizes (EU size is approx 3/4 a UK size).
The UK sizes are therefore the nearest approximation. Please refer to sizing chart below.

You are likely to need to go one size larger than your ‘normal shoe size. For example, if you are an ‘average’ (length & volume) size 42 but sometimes take 43, then go with size 43. If in doubt it is generally better to go up one size. The Bootee has plenty of stretch in the upper which means you can be closer to the end of the shoe than traditional shoes, or even at the end, and be comfortable. It is personal preference whether to have a ‘closer’ (performance fit) or more ‘relaxed’ fit. Most people can wear two sizes of Freet comfortably.

If your foot shape is narrow/shallow, your Freet size is likely to be the same as your ‘normal’ shoe size.

If you already own Freet models or Lems Primal 2, we recommend you order the same size as you do with these models. 

And please remember to cut your toe nails – especially the big toe!

Your size is out of stock? Drop us a line, we will let you know how quickly you can get the Freet Bootee in your size!

Customer Reviews

Based on 18 reviews Write a review

Customer Reviews

Based on 19 reviews
What shoes ?

I received my pair of ‘freet-Bootees’ within 4 days of ordering. Living in a small country town in NSW and having ordered on a Friday afternoon I thought this excellent service.
The product was well described and sizing was well communicated, even better they fit!!!
First thoughts on opening and trying on the product was good. Well-constructed extremally light and strong in all the right places and you cannot go wrong with black.
Only modification I made was to trim down the laces to avoid excess loop size.
I tried the now sock option first go. Contrary to my reservations they did not get overly sweaty or uncomfortable. I have no light weight socks to try these out with, only heavy hiking/work socks, I believe however this would defeat the purpose of the extra room in the toe box and would feel rather restrictive.
Over the last two weeks I have put the ‘Freet-booties’ through a lot. From hiking over varies surfaces from tared and paved roads, fire trails, rocky creek beds and muddy banks. Also, in and out of boats and kayaks.
First thought and most important to me is that the have not exposed any immediate flaws in manufacturing. No stretched seams or delamination on glued surfaces.
I was concerned that the soles would wear rather quickly but are as yet to show any noticeable sign of wear. Maintenance is easy, a quick hand wash with no soap removed any traces of mud with no stain or discoloration.
They did pick up a few burs and prickles, this was mostly by the laces. The uppers seam sturdy and rather resistant to the fairly savage grasses and annoying flora in my area.
Most importantly the foot feel was amazing. The interaction with terrain was fantastic. Close enough to wearing no shoes to make it extremally enjoyable, with the added security of a resilient rubber sole between skin and ground.
All in all, a well thought out product. It achieves everything that is promised. I will happily replace the booties with a like pair, after I wear them out over many more enjoyable days of walking to come.

Awesome shoe

Received my Freet and was impressed straight out of the box. Great quality shoe. Nice toe box. Good ankle support. Incredible ground feedback. I’m a fan!!!!

Bootee Review

I received my Bootees 2 days after placing the order. They felt and looked high quality as soon as I took them out of the box.
The real magic however happened when I put them on. I have never had anything remotely as comfortable as these shoes. My toes move around easily and my feet interact with the ground as they are naturally supposed to. I am a corrective exercise specialist and I work with people with structural deviations every day. Feet need to interact with the ground therefore we need to wear shoes that allow space for the toes to spread and move. Conventional shoes are to rigid and to narrow for that to happen. Cushioning of the soles need to be minimal to allow for natural biofeedback from the feet but supportive enough on all surfaces. My Bootees deliver on all accounts and they are super comfortable too.

Love these shoes!

*Freet, you should pay The Young Filmmaker some royalties. I found this site because he touted the Freet Bootee on his YouTube channel. He sold me on them.

Amazing shoe (and shoe company). Incredibly comfortable, very well-styled. Cannot say enough good things about this shoe! Just happened upon the website, and liked what I saw. The shoes arrived (U.S.) and I LOVE them! I am now a life-long Freet customer.

The bootie construction is a HUGE draw, and what decided me in buying several pairs of these. Of all of Freets offerings, I was looking for something with more support and a more secure feel something more substantial than the traditional minimalist shoes that (those that are akin to wearing a slipper).

The ONE improvement suggestion that I do have is this: a wider toe-box. The toe-box as it is, is the best of any shoe that I have ever purchased aside from Vibrams and really very roomy. But it would be better if it were even wider to support a fuller natural splaying of the toes.

I am a Yank, and in the states footwear is a totalitarian industry. One either adheres to the dominant, socially-approved narrow, oval, toe-smashing toe-box design, or one goes unshod. There exists no shoe company to provide a WIDE, foot-shaped shoe. I am elated that I discovered Freet Footwear. I have spent years of indescribable frustration scouring the Internet for a practically designed, comfortable shoe.

Great Comfort

I received my Freet Bootees last Friday. They are lovely and wide and so comfy. There is so much room above my toes as well as around them - I feel my toes spread. I've been wearing barefoot for over 7 years and these have the best toe box.
On Sunday, I wore them without socks for hiking. We went to Ebbor Gorge so the Bootees (and me!) were challenged. It was a hot humid day so my feet felt warm but cooled as soon as I stopped walking. I'm very precious about foot temp but didn't feel the need to take the shoes off. I had a spare pair of shoes in case of rubbing etc but didn't need them.
I climbed up rocks, some were wet and slippy, with no problems. I felt I could trust my feet not to slip - the sole of these boots is amazing. Walking down the steep woodland path, I noticed how much faster I was than normal (usually being more careful to avoid slipping). I paddled a tiny bit in the steam to see how they felt - a tiny bit of water came in and went out. No soggy feet.
These boots are excellent and definitely my go-to shoe for off road walking.
I bought my husband Talus 2 and he did the same walk in them. Not as grippy as the Bootee obviously but he was happy in them. I think he slowed down slightly and I sped up!

I also want to thank Freet for their amazing customer service and for having a wonderful range of vegan shoes. I'm so glad I've discovered Freet shoes and am now saving pennies for more!