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The bprimal

Shoes should be made to fit the foot, not the other way around.  At Bprimal all our footwear have these key features for optimal comfort to move naturally and pain free.

Toe box
Light weight
& ground feel
Zero or
low drop
Foot shaped
& flexible

Bprimal - Home For Minimalist Footwear

We specialise in providing the best barefoot and functional footwear brands to Australia and New Zealand. Founded in 2014 we set out on a mission to help others fix their feet and restore their natural primal foot shape.

When you were born, your feet were perfect - toes, arches, heels and all - were as nature designed. The constraints of modern footwear have altered your feet and left you with pain, poor posture and balance and odour issues. bprimal is all about correcting and creating Happy natural Feet that dance, walk, and run through life with ease.
We only sell products that we wear, love and totally believe in. We hope you'll take the opportunity to try them out.

Customer Testimonials

Don’t just believe our words, hear what our tribe have to say...
★ ★ ★ ★ ★

I can run again

I was diagnosed with a neuroma in my right foot and had to stop running. My podiatrist told me surgery was the only option - cutting the nerve and 10 weeks recovery. Correct toes and Bprimal shoes have me back running - doing a 10 k race in two weeks . So happy to be running again - pain free !!!

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Outstanding customer service

I’m very happy with the shoes and even more impressed with the
customer service. I will definitely buy the shoes again and I would use this service again. Highly

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Highly recommended!

Really really am enjoying alot of benefit from my correct toes and lems shoes I purchased a couple of moths ago. Has made such a huge difference in my life. 100% worth it, if you keep coming back to look at the site - just do it. Why else are we working if we can't provide ourselves with the tools we need for better health?

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Few Questions

Is there a store I can try the shoes on?

We are an online store only and unfortunately do not have any physical stores. 

We have a very easy returns/exchange policy, and we encourage you to order and try on at home. You are welcome to order more than one size to see which one fits best, and return the other for refund. You can view our full return policy here: https://bprimal.com.au/pages/shipping-and-returns

We are also more than happy to assist with sizing so please get in touch if you are unsure which size to order. 

What happens if the shoes don't fit?

We understand that selecting the right size when buying shoes online can be difficult. If you have any questions or concerns about sizing, we'd be more than happy to assist.

If your order isn’t right for you, you can return it for a refund or exchange within 30 days of receiving your order. You can refer to our full returns policy here: https://bprimal.com.au/pages/shipping-and-returns

I'm new to barefoot shoes, what do you recommend?

Make sure to listen to your body and transition to functional footwear slowly. Consider wearing your new shoes for short periods at first and then gradually increase the time as your feet and body adapt to the changes

We would recommend you start with a Transition Shoe to assist with the transition to healthy footwear. You can view our range of Transition shoes here: https://bprimal.com.au/collections/transition-shoes

How quickly you can transition depends on a number of factors, however we recommend you go barefoot whenever possible, and there are also some exercises you can do to assist with the process. 

Read more about transitioning to healthy footwear here: https://bprimal.com.au/blogs/foot-care/setting-your-feet-free-how-to-make-the-switch-to-barefoot-footwear 

Can I wear Bprimal Shoes with Orthotics?

YES, Most of our shoes have removable insoles that can be taken out when using orthotics.

However, while orthotics can be useful for some people who may not be able to restore their own arch structures simply by using their foot naturally, In general, we DO NOT recommend wearing orthotics; we instead recommend weaning yourself off orthotics—slowly and progressively— and introducing Correct Toes. 

Correct Toes are, by definition, an orthotic, though conventional custom orthotics are placed under your foot arch (instead of between your toes) and attempt to alter foot position by using an unnatural methodology (i.e., by propping up your foot arch).

In other words, custom arch orthotics are not natural in any way. In fact, they violate the natural anatomy of your foot’s arches by artificially lifting them and placing material under them in a manner never seen in nature or in human-made structures, such as arch bridges. They may, initially, help gain a more natural foot position, but they do so artificially and the results are temporary. Our toe orthotic, Correct Toes, supports your foot’s arches in the exact manner nature intended, by placing your toes in their ideal natural alignment.

Correct Toes are particularly effective in enabling optimal foot health when used in combination with a completely flat shoe surface (i.e., when they are worn in a shoe that possesses no heel elevation, toe spring, or motion control features).

Find out more about Correct Toes here: https://bprimal.com.au/collections/correct-toes

Do Bprimal shoes cater for wide feet?

The shoes we sell at Bprimal have a wider fit than conventional footwear. 

They are foot shaped so designed to be widest at the toes. 

Some models are wider than others, so if you would like some specific recommendations, please CONTACT US. 

You can compare the width measurement of the shoes on most of the sizing charts. Please bear in mind that the flat measurement of the insole is always less than the width the shoe will allow for.

How long do I have to wait to receive my order?

Our stock is held in a Brisbane warehouse, and all orders placed prior to 12pm will be shipped out the same day. In peak periods, the delivery transit times can be a bit unpredictable, so if you are needing something delivered quickly, we recommend you choose the Express Shipping or Next Day Delivery option at checkout. 

If an item you are after is out of stock, please contact us so we can advise you of a restock date. You can also sign up on the product page to be notified once the item is available online again. We place regular stock orders with our suppliers, so generally you wont have to wait too long for restock, providing it is available with the manufacturer.

Some of the items we sell are only available on pre-order. This means, it will be included with our next stock order - which we place on a regular basis. You can generally expect to wait between 3-4 weeks for dispatch of a pre-order item. Feel free to contact us if you would like to know a more accurate wait time prior to placing your order.  You will know if an item is on pre-order, as the "ADD TO CART" button will change to say "PRE-ORDER NOW"

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