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I’ve been wearing barefoot shoes exclusively for about six years now but this is my first pair of Lems. It won’t be my last. They are beautifully made, look smart and were well priced but above all they make my feet happy! The toe box is super spacious for my correct toes/natural toe spread and the flexibility is exceptional. I am delighted with them and highly recommend whether this is your first pair of barefoots or you’ve been wearing them for years, you won’t be disappointed"

Sharon Wallace-Yarrow

I have endured years of pain which felt like a burning stone embedded in my foot at the base of my second toe. It’s almost certainly capsulitis, but undiagnosed on X-ray and ultrasound. Podiatrists didn’t help and offered only custom orthotics which were $800 and out of my reach. Correct Toes helped from the first moment I put them on, in combination with Joe Nimble shoes. I’m only one week in with them, but I can see and feel a difference already in my posture. I’m wearing them all day already, and have been able to walk and stand at my easel (I’m an artist) in comfort. Absolutely brilliant, and I wish podiatrists knew and prescribed these squishy little miracles!

De Gillett Cox

Excellent service! Within the first day of wearing on gravel, concrete and up and down ladders and general yard work I couldn't believe just how comfortable they were and I cant believe it, but they massage the sole of the foot especially walking on gravel and I am retired. Great shoe actually lives up to all the claims. Lems you need to produce a clog type shoe as I am in and out of the house all the time and I need a shoe to just kick off and on without breaking stride. Great product, excellent service can't ask for more.


My Primal 2 arrived yesterday, have them on now and they are not only the right size but are the most comfortable I have ever worn. So thank you for your expertise.

Michelle W

Can't tell you how amazing your service was. Within an hour of my order I had a text to say my Boulder boots were on their way. Fantastic service!! My daughter and I are absolutely in love with the Boulder boots and I can't wait to go for a big walk in them to test them out. Thanks so much again.


Excellent customer service and sizing help was spot on. The Freet shoes I purchased are amazing,feel sad for my feet that it's taken 40+ years to discover them...ditto for the toe socks. Will definitely be replacing a lot of my shoes with these brands.

Joakim Conchur

My Primal 2 have been absolutely wonderful from a comfort point of view. I work as a nurse and my feet were transformed when I started wearing them.

Suzanne J

I ordered a pair of Lem's boulder boots. Bprimal provided fast delivery with excellent customer service. These boots are also the most comfortable pair I've owned.

Benjamin Doecke

Just a big shout out to Bprimal for offering this great product! Iam wearing them at this very moment and seeing the difference in my toes. A great investment, well priced and delivered professionally. I would highly recommend these!


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Sustainable shoes that are flexible, flat and fit the natural shape of the human foot.  We are all about helping & supporting our foot family on a journey to better foot health.  Discover more with less & restore your perfect primal footprint.

When you were born, your feet were perfect - toes, arches, heels and all - were as nature designed.  The constraints of modern footwear have altered your feet and left you with pain, poor posture and balance and odour issues.  bprimal is all about correcting and creating Happy Feet that dance, walk, and run through life with ease.

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Congratulations on being curious, seeking answers & taking the first steps to move a little more like nature intended. Let the adventure begin!

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