bprimal | FAQs

🌱 Bprimal General FAQ's

Do you have a store or warehouse we can visit to try on your products?

Unfortunately we don't, bprimal is an online store only. We are online fitting experts, so please reach out if you are unsure of sizing, as we are always available and happy to help. We also have a very easy exchange policy should the item you ordered, not fit properly. 

The item I am after is on Pre-Order. What does that mean? 

If you place an pre-order it means it will be included with our next stock order - which we place on a regular basis. You can expect to wait between 1-3 weeks for delivery of a pre-order item. Feel free to contact us if you would like to know the approximate wait time prior to placing your order. 

 How quickly will my order be dispatched?

As long as your item is in stock, we aim to dispatch your order within 24 hours, Monday to Friday only and excludes Public Holidays.

 How do I know if my shoes fit?

Fit is a matter of personal preference – some people like their shoes snug while others prefer a more relaxed fit.  When you receive your shoes spend some time, wearing them indoors to get used to them and decide whether they are right for you.  Be aware that if you are used to more ‘conventional’ shoes, you might initially feel that the shoes feel a bit unstructured.  This will soon wear off and your feet will appreciate their new found freedom to spread and move naturally.  Another point to remember is that the flexibility of the outsole means that the shoes move with your feet which means you can wear them looser without causing blisters.

I've received my order but the item is too small/too big. How do I exchange it?

If the item you've received does not fit, we will of course exchange it. Just head to our Returns Page to initiate a return - you will need your order number and email and then follow the prompts. 

If you have purchased our Free Return Guarantee at checkout, we will cover the cost of the return (1 per order) and you will be provided with a pre-paid shipping label via our online portal, otherwise you have the option to purchase a label for $10. 

Once we have received your returned item, we will send you the replacement size free of charge. (excludes sales items) 

Please note that products purchased directly from manufacturers or another retailer must be returned to the original place of purchase and cannot be refunded or exchanged through bprimal.

If you wish to expediate the return process, we recommend you return your item for refund and place a new order for the exchange item. 

 Do you accept Paypal?

Yes, accept payments with Paypal as well as all major credit cards. Payment options can be selected during the checkout process.

Can I use Afterpay?

Yes, Afterpay is also available for your purchases on our site.


🌱 Lems Shoes Specific FAQ's

How wide are Lems shoes?

Primal 2s, Nine2Fives, Mariners, Chukkas, and Boulder Boots are built on a 2E width shoe last. Trailheads and Mesas are built on men's and women's specific D and B lasts, respectively.

Do I need to order a size larger to accommodate the Correct Toes?

In most cases you should not have to order a larger size to allow room for Correct Toes. We recommend removing the insole when you are wearing correct toes, to create extra volume in the shoe if you need it.  If you have a very wide foot you may have to order one size up to accommodate the Correct Toes.

Do Lems shoes come in half sizes?

Yes! Lems currently offer all shoes except the Primal 2s in half sizes.

What are length and width differences for half and whole sizes? 

For each half size, a shoe will increase approximately by 4 mm in the length and 1 mm in the width; for each whole size, a shoe will increase by about 8 mm in the length and 2 mm in the width.

Are the Primal 2 and other casual models (Boulder Boots, Nine2Five, Chukkas) sized the same?

The Primal2 shoes and the other styles (Boulder Boot, Nine2Five and Chukkas) are NOT sized the same. They are built on different outsoles, so please be sure to see the sizing chart that is featured on each specific product page for more information on how they will fit.

Are men's and women's shoes the same or do they fit differently?

The Primal 2, Nine2Fives, Boulder Boots and Chukkas are all unisex; the  Trailheads and Mesas are men's and women's specific.

How can Lems Shoes benefit you?

With their unique design, featuring a wide toe-box, flexible material, and zero-drop outsole, Lems shoes have the ability to aid in correcting common foot ailments, increase strength in the lower extremities, allow for greater balance, and help realign your posture. Plus, they are just down right comfortable.

I have never worn minimalist shoes; will Lems Shoes work for me?

Yes! You may experience some discomfort at first, but, know that this just means the tendons and muscles in your feet adapting to the lack of support that most contemporary shoe companies incorporate into their designs. This should subside over a short period of time. We typically recommend wearing the shoes sparingly at first, and then progressing to longer durations of wear. It’s all about the transition! Trust the process.

I suffer from bunions, hammertoes, Plantar Fasciitis, etc...; will Lems Shoes work for me?

Though Lems shoes are not for everyone, we have had a lot of success stories from customers who have suffered from a myriad foot ailments such as these, tried Lems shoes, and ultimately found relief. 

I have high arches/instep; will Lems Shoes work for me?

Lems have designed their shoes to fit as many foot shapes as possible, but sometimes they just do not. It is difficult to give a definite answer to this one, but we feel that the best way to know is by trying the shoes.

My doctor instructs me to wear custom orthotics; will Lems shoes work for me?

All of Lems shoes feature a 3.5m insole within the shoes that can be removed to allow room for almost all custom orthotics.

Are any of Lems products waterproof?

Yes! Lems now offer the Waterproof Boulder Boot. If you were looking to enhance the water-resiliency of any shoes, Lems recommend using any sort water-repellent product (Nikwax, Scotchgard, etc.) to help with that.


How would you recommend cleaning my Lems?

For shoes featuring mesh or canvas, use lukewarm water and mild dish soap to hand wash your shoes. Please allow your shoes to air dry completely over 24hrs before wearing. *Please note: If you soak your shoes in hot water for a period of time, this can cause the dye fixative or mordant to be removed and can result in the colour running.  As Lems shoes have a rubber outsole, high heat washing can also shrink the shoes, so Lems do not recommend putting your shoes in the washer. 

For leather shoes, use a leather care cleaner like the Otter Wax Leather Care Kit. To dry your shoes, just leave them out at room temperature and not expose them to heat.

 What is the warranty on Lems products?

Lems shoes are typical lifespan of 300-600 miles, however, some people will get more or less life out of their shoes as there are many factors to consider when it comes to wear and tear including walking gait, frequency of use, and the surfaces you are walking on to name a few. If the item you have purchased from us is defective, or becomes defective within 90 days of original purchase, we will exchange it for free or provide a refund. Please email us with order number and photos. 


🌱 Correct Toes specific FAQ's

How can Correct Toes help me?

With Correct Toes, you can:

    • Relieve foot pain while being active
    • Align toes back to their natural, anatomical position
    • Improve strength and flexibility of the toes and feet
    • Increase circulation to the ends of the toes
    • Enhance balance and stability

            Why do Correct Toes work?

            Correct Toes help splay the toes in the way that nature intended. Why is this important? We spend a lifetime in footwear, including most athletic footwear, that is too narrow at the ends of the toes. As a result, the shod adult foot shape differs from the unshod adult foot shape (and from the foot shape of infants, who are born with perfect feet).
            Correct Toes work in a similar way to how braces work for teeth. Correct Toes place the toes into optimal alignment and slowly and progressively change the architecture of the foot. The muscles of the foot adapt and strengthen accordingly. Toe alignment and foot strength has numerous positive effects on biomechanics, gait and injury prevention.

            Is it that simple: Can I just use Correct Toes and be cured?

            We wish it were that simple! It’s not quite that easy, but it’s not complicated either. The whole idea of Correct Toes is to position the toes in the correct way. In addition, it is vital to wear shoes that are completely flat, lightweight, flexible in the sole and sufficiently wide in the toe box, so that the foot can function like a bare foot inside the shoe. This type of footwear must be used on a regular basis. Unfortunately, such footwear can be difficult to find, but luckily enough, at bprimal that is all we will ever have in our store. Following the above plan, you can expect to see positive results.

            Are there different sizes of Correct Toes? How do I figure out my size?

            Correct Toes are available in four sizes: X-Small, Small, Medium, and Large. Proper sizing is determined by a variety of factors. Your true Correct Toes size is based not only on your shoe size, but also your foot width, toe width and existing degree of toe splay. If Correct Toes overlap or “bunch” between your toes, they are too large. If Correct Toes pinch your toes, they may be too small. Full sizing information can be found on the Product page. 
            In between sizes? Send us a picture of your feet taken while standing next to a ruler (to show the length and width of your foot). This image can give us a more accurate picture of which size is most appropriate for you.
            Please contact us if you have further questions about Correct Toes sizing or customisation.

            How are Correct Toes different from a pedicure set?

            A pedicure set is designed for just that – a pedicure. Pedicure sets space the toes arbitrarily so that, while the person receiving the pedicure is seated, nail polish can be applied. Pedicure sets are not intended as a therapeutic device for repetitive use during activity. Correct Toes place each toe in a natural position and are designed for use in footwear, during daily and athletic activities. After a break-in period, this position can be held for a long time, and doing so will benefit the user.

            How are Correct Toes different from other toe-spacing products, like Yoga Toes?

            Yoga Toes stretch the toes beyond natural anatomy, and can only be worn while at rest. The bulkiness of Yoga Toes makes it impossible to use while standing, walking and running, or in shoes. Correct Toes is the only toe spacing product designed to be worn during weight-bearing activities. Designed by sports podiatrist Dr. Ray McClanahan, Correct Toes spaces the toes to their true and natural anatomical position, allowing the user to rehabilitate from the negative and deforming features of conventional footwear.

            When can I expect to see results?

            Of course, it will be different for different people. Success with the device depends on many factors, such as a person’s age, how often Correct Toes are used, level of physical activity, how often appropriate footwear is worn, etc. Most people experience some relief right away, with continued positive results over many months. For architectural changes to take place, some time and dedication is required. For instance, in attempting to reverse a bunion, SOME movement of the big toe will likely be visible within a few months. Further progressive changes will continue over many months or years. Ultimately, it is an investment in lifelong optimal foot health!

            Can I walk or run in Correct Toes?

            Yes! Splayed toes positively impact gait, aid balance and redistribute weight. When using Correct Toes during activity, it’s important that the shoe is wide enough in the toe box to accommodate Correct Toes without pinching or rubbing. To test your shoe, please check out the Shoe Liner Test.

            Is there anyone who should NOT use Correct Toes?

            Anyone with diabetes or diminished sensation in the feet should avoid using Correct Toes. Also, anyone with diminished circulation (peripheral arterial disease or “PAD”) should not use Correct Toes. Please consult your holistically-minded healthcare provider if you are uncertain about whether or not you should use Correct Toes.

            Are Correct Toes sold as a pair?

             Yes! When you purchase Correct Toes you’ll receive one for each foot.

            Can I wear my Correct Toes while barefoot?

            Yes! Correct Toes can be placed directly on bare skin.

            Can I wear my Correct Toes with socks?

            Yes! Correct Toes can be placed over toe socks, or under traditional socks.

            Can I wear my Correct Toes within footwear?

            When using Correct Toes within footwear, it is important to choose footwear that is flat and widest at the ends of the toes. We stock Lems, Freet, Topo Athletic and Joe Nimble Footwear all of which have Correct Toes approved models.

            Are my Correct Toes left/right specific?

            Correct Toes are reversible! Each individual silicone Correct Toe spacer is identically created, they can be used on the right or left foot interchangeably regardless of the ‘Correcttoes.com’ marking.

            How do I use Correct Toes?

            Correct Toes are placed between the toes and are designed to be worn either barefoot or within naturally shaped footwear. Best results occur when using Correct Toes during daily weight-bearing activities. It’s important to incorporate Correct Toes into your foot care routine slowly and progressively. Begin wearing Correct Toes for only 30 minutes the first day, increasing wear-time in 30-minute increments each consecutive day, to tolerance.
            Correct Toes encourage muscles to flex, move and work in new ways. Fatigue, muscle soreness and tenderness are normal during the transition process. Similar to any new activity, soreness should subside while strength gains occur.

            How long do I need to wear Correct Toes?

            Think of it this way: It takes decades for feet to conform to conventional footwear, in which muscles and tendons are held rigid in stiff foundations, preventing movement and causing atrophy. Over many years, feet weaken and conform to the shape of footwear.
            Similar to the progression of starting a new fitness program, aligning and strengthening feet and toes is a slow process. Positive changes require time and are not without a few aches along the way. Anticipate using Correct Toes regularly during the transition to new footwear. Throughout the first few months, progressive use of the device will begin to yield changes in alignment. After several years of consistent use, feet become stronger. The long-term goal of Correct Toes is to maintain natural toe position without the use of Correct Toes. Correct Toes acts as a temporary training aid while lower leg musculature and toes return to the proper length-to-tension ratio and alignment, respectively.

            Should I wear Correct Toes with my orthotics?

            In general, we don’t recommend wearing Correct Toes in combination with orthotics; we instead recommend weaning yourself off orthotics—slowly and progressively—when introducing Correct Toes. Traditional orthotics provide structure under the arch, preventing foot muscles from flexing and moving and contributing to foot weakness and atrophy. Correct Toes, in combination with naturally shaped and flexible footwear, will encourage muscular growth and strength. The end goal of using Correct Toes is a stronger, more structurally intact foot that does not depend on any orthotic. Read more about natural arch support.

            Are Correct Toes customisable?

            Yes! View the illustrated modification chart. Also, see the Modification video

            What are shims and how do I add them to my Correct Toes?

            Correct Toes are designed to be adaptable and customisable. The 1st and 4th pylons are formed with an open, hollow cavity. This cavity can be filled with material to assist in the progressive shifting of the 1st and 5th toes. A shim is any soft, flexible material that can be used to spread or widen the hollow cavity within the 1st or 4th Correct Toes pylons. Try cutting up a piece of an old shoe liner in inserting this into the slot.* One, two, or even three shims can be added to these cavities over time to help “bulk up” the spacers.
            *We recommend at least 3 months of progressive and consistent Correct Toes use before trying this modification.


            🌱 Freet Footwear specific FAQ's

            Freet shoes are designed to allow your feet to move naturally.  All their shoes have a wide toebox to allow toes to move and spread naturally, no heel (zero drop) and a fully flexible outsole.  More information can be found https://freetbarefoot.com/barefoot-shoes/

            Which outsole should I choose?

            Freet currently have 3 outsoles:

            GripPlus – suitable for trail use. This compound and grip layout gives superb traction for the trail. Available on some 5in1 and all 4+1 styles.

            MultiGrip – proven grip & durability for road, pavement and gym use. Also effective on better quality, less steep trail.

            EasyGrip – excellent connectivity. Suitable for smoother surfaces outside and indoors including travel and everyday.

            What size do I need?

            Please note that all Freet shoes fit slightly differently – please scroll down to the sizing and fitting information on each individual product page to see the specific information for each shoe. 

            How do I know if my shoes fit?

            Fit is a matter of personal preference – some people like their shoes snug while others prefer a more relaxed fit.  When you receive your shoes spend some time, wearing them indoors to get used to them and decide whether they are right for you.  Be aware that if you are used to more ‘conventional’ shoes, you might initially feel that the shoes feel a bit unstructured.  This will soon wear off and your feet will appreciate their new found freedom to spread and move naturally.  Another point to remember is that the flexibility of the outsole means that the shoes move with your feet which means you can wear them looser without causing blisters. 

            Do I need to transition to barefoot shoes?

            Because Freet shoes have a wide toebox to allow toes to move and spread naturally, no heel (zero drop) and a fully flexible outsole, you may need to take things steady to adapt from your previous more ‘traditional’ shoes. This might take a few days or a few months to transition.

            How do I clean my shoes?

            If Freet shoes are dirty on the outside, you can wipe them with a damp cloth.

            If you wish to wash out the inside, use lukewarm water with a mild detergent.  Pour a little water into the shoes and using your finger, gently rub around to remove any dirt.  Rinse with clean lukewarm water, empty out and dry away from direct heat.  You could put some newspaper inside the shoes to speed up drying time.

            What products should I use to care for my Freets?

            Gentle, water based, products, such as those made by Nikwax are recommended for conditioning and waterproofing. See each product page for specific information for that particular style of shoe.

            What is there is a problem with my shoes?

            We always look to be reasonable and fair in resolving any problem you have with Freet products. Please email us with your order number and photos. 


            🌱 Topo Athletic specific FAQ's

            Do Topo Athletic shoes run true to size?

            Topos are ergonomically designed to follow the natural shape of the foot - secure through the mid-foot and heel, with plenty of room for the toes to spread. Topos run true to size. 

            Do I have to run a certain way in Topos?

            All Topo models are designed with little or no heel-to-toe drop. We believe that this encourages proper loading and weight distribution during the gait cycle, resulting in a more natural, efficient stride. This does not mean that you have to change the way you run. However, we believe that all runners can benefit from natural running form, regardless of footwear. This means: running in a way that emphasises tall posture, loading under your centre of gravity, and slightly leaning at the ankles.

            Are Topos Vegan?  

            Topo Athletic do not use any latex or animal products as materials or adhesives for their Vegan models. 

            Are Topos waterproof? 

            The Topo Athletic models we offer are designed to be lightweight and breathable, using airy mesh materials that are not waterproof.

            How do I clean my Topos?

            Do not machine wash or dry. Remove insoles and laces and use a damp sponge and mild soap or detergent to remove any mud and dirt. Rinse with warm water and air dry away from direct sunlight or heat sources. Extreme, direct heat can cause bonding agents to fail or materials to lose their functional properties.


            🌱 Joe Nimble specific FAQ's

            What is Joe Nimble functional footwear?

            Functional footwear is the next evolution in shoe design and manufacturing; a synthesis of traditional shoe-making wisdom and modern engineering technology. Just like traditional footwear before crazy fashion trends; functional footwear is designed on an uncompromisingly foot-shaped-asymmetrical last for optimum foot function but is constructed using modern materials and production techniques for maximum comfort and performance.

            Why do you need so much space in front of your toes?

            In the morning, your foot is up to four millimetres shorter than in the evening because the muscles get tired during the course of the day and your foot gets longer as a consequence. This has to be taken into consideration. It is also important that the foot can roll naturally without any hindrances. To do this, it needs sufficient width and length. If the shoe is too tight, you can jolt the bones and cartilage in your foot. The space is also important for good blood circulation in your foot and for having warm feet - without any pinching.

            What widths do Joe Nimble's lasts cater for?

            Joe Nimble do not usually need different widths because their shoes do not narrow towards the front but follow the natural, asymmetrical shape of the foot.

            Are Joe Nimble women’s shoes narrower than those men’s?

            No but the upper material in the instep area is a bit tighter due to significant anatomical differences between women's and men's feet. All Joe Nimble functional footwear follows the toefreedom® principle developed by Christian Baer almost 40 years ago.

            How long do Joe Nimble soles last?

            That depends on the wearer, his/her weight, how he /she walks and how often he/she wears the shoes. Usually the soles last 2-3 years.

            Why are Joe Nimble shoes so expensive?

            When you purchase Joe Nimble shoes, you get the best leather and highly innovative soles. The shoes are sewn by hand and are made to last a long time and provide you with the ultimate in comfort. And you should not compromise when it comes to your feet. You need them every day for an entire lifetime!

              Are Joe Nimble shoes made using a chemical-free, vegetable tanning process?

              Between 80 and 100% of the leather used for clothing, furniture and footwear is tanned with the aid of chromium. Joe Nimble use this process too. The leathers are tanned with chromium (III) salt. This is a natural, non-toxic element which we also absorb with our food. Unfortunately, a lot of people associate the word ‘chromium’ with toxicity or have heard about limits on chromium (VI) being exceeded. That is something completely different. Chromium (III) salts are not considered to pose a health risk. The vast majority of people do not have any problems, despite their skin coming into close contact with shoes or clothing.

              Advantages of chromium-tanned leathers:
              • they are very soft
              • they are twice as tear-resistant
              • the leathers are lighter
              • the leathers can be impregnated more easily and dyed better
              • the leathers are more resistant to fading
              All of the tanneries plus all of the leathers and other materials used at BÄR comply with the relevant European standard and are personally checked by Christof Bär. However, this is another area where they are constantly evolving. They always give preference to environmentally friendly and sustainable materials. It is worth noting, however, that vegetable production processes also use chemicals – they’re just made from natural (rather than synthetic) substances. A lot of customers also don’t know that vegetable-tanned leathers often undergo subsequent chromium tanning, meaning that these leathers are not free from chromium.


              Do Joe Nimble shoes lose their colour?

              In rare cases, it is possible for some dye to be transferred from leather, which then discolours other materials, such as socks or the skin. This could be caused by lint from suede. For example, nubuck leathers are sanded during the production process. This leaves some loose dust, which can have a discolouring effect. By contrast, oiled leathers are usually treated with a coloured wax. This can be transferred, just like shoe polish. Dark lining leathers are most prone to discolouring in when they become damp and are rubbed. In other words, sweaty feet heighten this effect. Joe Nimble could simply seal the surface using chemicals, which is how most lower-quality shoes are treated. However, that also prevents moisture from being absorbed. Their tips for preventing shoe discolouration:
              • Use dark socks when you first wear the shoes.
              • Rub the shoes with a damp (not wet) cloth dipped in a vinegar-water solution to remove excess dust and dye.
              • Use hairspray to fix the dye.
              • Apply talcum powder to your feet (and the inside of the shoes, if you like) – this reduces moisture