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Freet shoes have ‘less shoe’ in them. Deliberately. Freet combine the best materials, components, and design though, to make your experience the best balance they can between natural movement and fitness for the job you’re on – whether hurtling down a muddy grass hillside or practicing yoga. Different shoes for different purposes but always ‘less shoe’ …

People have been around for many thousands of years but most people have only been wearing shoes for hundreds of years. If you look around at small children, who often take their shoes off at every opportunity, you will realize that it is unnatural for our feet to be overly cushioned from the world.

We complain of knee injuries and problems with our feet but we are effectively strangling the astonishing network of muscles, ligaments, and nerves which were designed to respond to our movement requirements. We spend most of our lives in shoes with our feet unable to flex and move naturally.


Freet Footwear is founded by a team experienced in the development of performance sports footwear and biomechanics. Its mission is to allow feet to operate naturally whilst we go about all our activities – sport, leisure and everyday.

Free your feet from the confines of unyielding shoes – put them back in touch with the world around us. Allow your muscles, ligaments, tendons, bones, and joints to function naturally rather than adapting to the shoe. Feel your toes, feet, ankle and leg muscles coming back to life as they flex and strengthen as nature intended.

Freet shoes will help to bring your feet back to life, unlocking their potential.

Wear them before, during and after your activity. Wear them all day… Wherever you are… Whatever you’re doing.


Freet hates unfairness, intolerance, pomposity, lack of integrity as well as any wasted use of our shared resources. They design and develop all their products in the UK and work very closely with their Chinese manufacturing partners. They have as tight an operation and supply chain as they can, but continually work to improve. They have long term relationships with smaller, family run factories where they can discuss and agree what is acceptable in terms of quality, cost and worker terms and conditions. They pay a little more but try to ensure every ‘stakeholder’ has a little more than ‘average’ in terms of pay and conditions such as time off. They will not work in the more cost-driven, ‘sweat-shop’ environments where no one cares except the big boss and his wallet.

In addition to this, Freet work every day to make great shoes, responsibly.  They visit their factories regularly and have agreed on ethical standards.  Their footwear is Vegan.

Freet currently support the work of Green Planet Appeal - 

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