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Bprimal - The Home for Barefoot Minimalist & Functional Footwear in Australia & New Zealand 

We are bprimal.  We are advocates for natural foot health and natural foot function, which is why we specialise in providing the best barefoot minimalist shoes and functional footwear brands to Australia and New Zealand. Founded in 2014 we set out on a mission to help others fix their feet and restore their natural primal foot shape. 

We Believe Your Feet Deserve Better.

When you were born, your feet were perfect - toes, arches, heels and all - were as nature designed. The constraints of modern footwear have altered your feet and left you with pain, poor posture and balance and foot issues. Bprimal is all about correcting and creating happy natural feet that dance, walk, and run through life with ease.


bprimal only stocks the very best healthy minimal, functional, anatomical, barefoot footwear brands and accessories including:
  • Lems Shoes
  • Freet Footwear
  • Joe Nimble
  • Vivobarefoot
  • Correct Toes
  • Topo Athletic Footwear
  • Injinji Toe Socks
  • Shapen Barefoot
  • Altra Footwear
  • Shamma Sandals
  • Bprimal Kids
    We are committed to total foot health & healthy feet so we only sell products that we personally wear, love and totally believe in. We hope you'll take the opportunity to try them out.

     Jamie Bprimal Barefoot Shoes Australia

    Discover the pain free freedom of bprimal foot shaped shoes and more importantly discover the freedom of your feet! Re-align, strengthen and restore them to the way nature had intended!

    Please do send us a message or email if you need assistance or just to say hi! - We love hearing from you on how we can help with your journey to better foot health!

    Welcome to the bprimal tribe! 👣

    - Jamie, Faye, Gaelle & Hannah



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