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"I've ordered off you guys three times now, just picked up the third pair. I've always gotten my orders super-fast. Even got an email on the last order confirming I ordered properly because I ordered a different size. Couldn't be happier with your service. Can't believe how light the Freets are (other two pairs are Lems), I feel like I'm wearing a sheet of paper!"  ~ Cameron T , NSW


"Hi, Just wanted to thank you for my recent purchase of Lems Boulder boots. I went 'Bouldering' in them on the weekend, if that's what you call clambouring over rocks, just like a kid would do! A lot of fun and I'm over 50! Excellent grip and great to be able to balance so well and 'feel' the rocks underfoot."  ~ Sharon R , NSW


"I have received my correct toes this morning. Thanks very much for your prompt and courteous service. I have just used them for 30 minutes today as suggested and already feel incredibly better... I will be recommending Bprimal and Correct Toes to friends."  ~ Ron R , VIC


"Thank you very much team for my great Lems. I've been wearing them at work...all day on my feet as a busy nurse...and they are wonderful! My feet feel free yet supported. Great design work. Thank you for your effort for the hard working humble foot! I'm off the Chile for some walking and only taking my shoe for all's my minimalistic way of being."  ~ Jsu Krishnaleela , VIC


"My shoes turned up today and I am very, very happy with them. Thank you so much for your terrific service and very prompt dispatching of goods."  ~ Sandy , QLD


"Can't tell you how amazing your service was. Within an hour of my order I had a text to say my Boulder boots were on their way. Fantastic service!! My daughter and I are absolutely in love with the Boulder boots and I can't wait to go for a big walk in them to test them out. Thanks so much again."  ~ Trina , QLD


"My Primal 2 arrived yesterday, have them on now and they are not only the right size but are the most comfortable I have ever worn. So thank you for your expertise."  ~ Michelle W , NSW


"My Primal 2 have been absolutely wonderful from a comfort point of view. I work as a nurse and my feet were transformed when I started wearing them." ~ Suzanne J , QLD 


"The Primal 2 have been excellent so far. I have worn them practically every day since buying them and there are no loose threads or other signs of damage/wear. Even the sole seems to be lasting well. I don't do any running but do quite a lot of walking on road and dirt and for my use I certainly can't fault them and will be buying another pair when these wear out. I haven't tried any other specialist barefoot shoes as they all look a little bit too 'extreme'."  ~ Michael P , WA