Barefoot Running Shoes

 Our collection of Barefoot Running Shoes will keep you feeling energised and adventurous with complete toe-spread, whether you're smashing a mid-week road run, or hitting the trails on the weekend these styles have been put to the test.

Designed with functionality and style in mind, our premium ultra-lightweight bprimal range features details that will support your performance, while delivering the ultimate healthy barefoot comfort, they’re even perfect for a post-run brunch!

In 2019, findings of new research conducted by the University of Liverpool found that wearing minimalist running shoes for six months increased foot strength by 60 percent.

The benefits of barefoot running shoes

 ✔️ Activate & Strengthen your feet, ankles, legs, and hips

✔️ Get Grounded! Connect to your environment - become one with the terrain

✔️  Improve your Natural Gait 

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