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Lems Shoes

 What are Lems shoes?

Lems Shoes are designed to mirror the natural shape of the human foot. Unlike traditional footwear products that squeeze the toes together, Lems Shoes toe area allows for maximum room giving the toes ultimate freedom to wiggle and spread.

Barefoot health benefits

The foot is more closely interconnected with the health of the entire body than was previously thought.  When the foot is used properly the whole body benefits.  The proper use of the foot affects every other bodily system.

Due to the narrowness of shoes in today's market, most of us have experienced foot deformation whether we know it or not.  Lems Shoes aims to fix the problems traditional shoes have caused by allowing the toes all-day comfort.

The LemsLast is based solely off of the human foot.  After months of testing dozens of prototypes, Lems  believe they have finally found not only the ideal shape, but a design customers will love.

Lems Shoes' philosophy is simple - less is more. Instead of spending time trying to develop the next footwear fad, they dedicate themselves to creating sustainable shoes that consider the foot above all else. All of their products are flat, flexible, and fit the natural shape of the human foot. Through such design focus, their shoes emphasise proper fit, comfort and functionality without unnecessary material or marketing gimmicks and that will never change.

Lems Footwear is a small American-run company, 100% family owned. Their decisions are based on doing what is right, not by what is most profitable.

Here at bprimal, we love their ethos as well as their shoes. 

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