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Products offered by BPRIMAL are intended to improve your quality of life, reduce your likelihood of experiencing common foot and lower extremity problems, and address the underlying cause of your foot pain or discomfort. Please note that 1) a slow transition period is required, especially when transitioning to minimalist footwear; and 2) natural foot health products are not suitable for every individual. 

Many people derive significant benefit from our products and information, but the use of these things does not guarantee a favorable health outcome and should not replace the advice provided to you by your physician. These products should always be used conservatively at first, until your body has sufficiently adapted to the changes these products encourage.


A lifetime spent in conventional footwear changes the anatomy and/or tone of certain foot joints and tendons and other tissues in your lower extremities. Recovering your natural foot health heritage may take significant time, and you should understand that noticeable changes in your foot structure may occur slowly (though pain and other symptoms may dissipate quickly with the adoption of healthy foot habits and natural footgear). In most cases, a “break-in period” is necessary to allow your body to accept the changes and positive adaptations taking place. This usually means wearing your new footgear (foot-healthy shoes, Correct Toesmetatarsal pads, etc.) for short periods at first (30 minutes per day) and then gradually increasing your use of these products over time (often by 30 minutes to 1 hour per day, to tolerance).


Some people may experience mild foot soreness during the first few days of natural foot product use. This is a normal response. However, if you have any concerns, please do consult your doctor. Some individuals should avoid using natural foot health products, particularly Correct Toes, due to existing medical problems. If you have diabetes and experience diminished sensation in your feet, you should avoid using Correct Toes. You also should avoid using Correct Toes if you experience decreased foot circulation caused by peripheral arterial disease. If you have unique foot anatomy (e.g., webbed toes, club foot, or other congenital deformities), or if you have had foot surgery, review your foot care options with your doctor before using natural foot health products. Always ask your healthcare provider if natural foot health products are appropriate for you and your specific health problems.

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We try to ensure that the information shared on the BPRIMAL site is current and accurate, though some information may be dated due to changes in products or the medical field. We recommend that you read any information that comes with the products we sell or feature—including package inserts and information concerning proper use, warnings, contraindications, and precautions—before using the product(s). You should consider reviewing all information and products with your physician, as your doctor can best assess your personal healthcare needs.

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