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Topo Athletic was created in Massachusetts in 2013 by Tony Post AKA, the To and the Po of our namesake, Topo Athletic. With over 40 years of running and 30+ years of shoemaking on his resume Tony soon discovered that less cushioning and a more level platform encouraged a midfoot strike.

After working for different running shoe companies, Tony knew there was still something missing from the market—a shoe that allowed runners to access the important benefits of natural running while maintaining some of their favourite features found in traditional running shoes. Sure, other brands had tried to do this, but Tony literally felt their shortcomings: too narrow, too sloppy, too stiff, too soft, too thick, too heavy… not to mention, most of them didn’t look that great either. Tony decided he had to create another footwear company so he could deliver the experience he himself craved so much.

In the late summer of 2013, Tony and a small team launched the brand, Topo Athletic, with a mission to develop footwear that helps amplify the body’s natural and intuitive abilities. These would not be exclusively minimal shoes or shoes with toes, Topo would offer a range of athletic shoes designed to honour the shape of the foot and respect the body’s mechanics. Only then could an athlete harness the increased efficiency and fluidity of uninhibited human movement.


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