Boost Your Performance By Training with Correct Toes® Toe Separators

Overtime, any form of physical activity puts a strain on your joints and muscles. This, however, is much more evident and frequent among those who train or exercise on a regular basis. Soreness, pain, and discomfort are some of the things your body will experience at some point or the other, thereby making recovery, and measures to prevent injuries, two important aspects of any training or fitness regime. 

Along with other parts of your body, the feet can take a real beating when you are training in athletics and/or with weights. One may not notice it right away, but eventually, the lack of care and attention given to foot health will catch up to them and, subsequently, their ability to perform will be compromised.

This brings us to Correct Toe® – an industry leading product that can solve or prevent many foot disorders while restoring one’s natural foot function and shape. 

What are Correct Toes® Toe Separators?

Made from high-grade silicone, Correct Toes are toe separators which, as you probably assumed, are wearable tools designed to keep your toes naturally splayed and separated from each other. Unlike many other brands of toe spacers, Correct Toes can be worn inside a pair of natural or minimalist shoes which encourage naturally-spaced out toes due to their wide toe boxes. 

With this product, you simply insert your toes into the dividers, and slip your sock or shoes over it. If you are using toe socks (which is highly recommended as a healthy alternative to traditional socks), the toe separators can be worn over them. Of course, you can also wear Correct Toes while barefoot; the choice is yours. They are available in four sizes between the ranges of extra small to large and therefore, are suitable for virtually any foot shape and size.

Why You Should Wear Correct Toes® While Training

Initially, toe separators were recommended to people who suffered from a foot disorder or other foot/leg related problems. While they are still used to serve medical purposes, many podiatrists advise using and training with quality toe spreaders like Correct Toes to prevent painful and uncomfortable conditions such as plantar fasciitis, hammertoes, bunions, corns, etc. What’s more, the benefits of Correct Toes are not just limited to combating the negative impact that modern shoes have had on your feet, but they can also improve your overall performance when training. 

Whether you are a powerlifter, a runner, or workout every day, here are three reasons why you should use Correct Toes while you train. 

#1 They Increase the Range of Motion in Toes 

Like countless others, if your foot shape has been altered into an unnatural shape due to many years of wearing narrow or traditional footwear, you will see that your toe alignment has also changed drastically. Instead of pointing outward, your big and little toes may have been forced to curl inward, and eventually set that way. What this does is compromise on your toes’ natural ability to reach their full range of motion. 

While you may not realise it because you have grown used to the limitations, when your toes are able to move past these fixed positions with the help of Correct Toes, your stability will improve thanks to your feet covering more surface area. You must know that having good stability on your feet is crucial for improving your overall physical performance whether you lift heavy or enjoy running.

#2 Intrinsic Foot Muscles are Strengthened

Collectively, the ankle and foot have 26 bones, 29 muscles, and 3 main ligaments. Ensuring that these muscles are stimulated and ligaments are stretched on a daily basis is important for keeping them strong. Unfortunately, this isn’t always the case among individuals who wear unhealthy footwear, or simply do not include foot exercises in their workout/training routines. Under these circumstances, the muscles and ligaments weaken which, in turn, leads to many problems in the feet, all of which affect your performance.

Owing to their flexible silicone material, using Correct Toes while training helps to gently stretch the ligaments and realign the metatarsal bones. This puts your foot and toes in an optimum position to engage more intrinsic foot muscles, thereby strengthening them. Some of the obvious benefits here is that stronger foot muscles will help to improve balance and mobility, aid in quicker recovery, and lower the risk of injury.

#3 Prevents Foot Problems Associated with Heavy Lifting/Intense Training

As we mentioned earlier, the feet bear most of the brunt of physical training. Activities that involve running, jumping, and lifting heavy weights put a lot of strain on the feet which can cause a number of problems. For example, bunions can develop when your toes are already compressed or deformed and an excessive amount of pressure is placed on them. However, when you are wearing toe separators like Correct Toes, they alleviate the strain and do not force the toes into an unnatural position.

Similarly, there are various foot conditions and disorders that your feet are at risk of when you train without ensuring proper toe alignment. This is exactly what Correct Toes can do for you – straighten out the metatarsals, encourage toe splay, and restore the foot to its natural, human shape for optimal functioning, and fewer or no foot problems at all!


Overtime, the physical challenges of everyday life can take a toll on your body if you do not train it to overcome them. Similarly, the feet are put through the ringer on a daily basis because even the simple task of standing or walking means having to bear one’s entire body weight. The stress they take is further increased when training in athletics, lifting heavy weights, or performing other physical activities. 

To rehabilitate damaged or dysfunctional feet, as well as to improve your foot health, prevent injuries, and boost your physical performance, using Correct Toes® toe separators while training is highly recommended among podiatrists and fitness trainers alike. Along with many other benefits, these industry-leading toe spacers help to realign crooked or deformed metatarsals, restore one’s primal foot shape, and stretch and strengthen the intrinsic muscles in the feet. With the ability to splay out as they naturally should, and reach their full range of motion, the toes and feet can improve stability and balance as well. For anyone who trains on a daily or regular basis, having strong, fully functional feet is critically important for reaching higher performance goals, and Correct Toes can certainly help you get there!

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