Nat Gallant - Physiotherapist & Running Technique Coach

"Kia ora, my name is Nat Gallant, a physiotherapist and running technique coach living in beautiful Aotearoa - New Zealand. Over the last decade I’ve served as medical support at the London 2012 Olympics, spent a year working in the frigid sub-Antarctic Falkland Islands and been Team Physio in the Glasgow & Gold-Coast Commonwealth Games."


"Movement is my work, my medicine and my play so having the freedom of natural barefoot movement is really important to me. This especially applies to my deepest passion; running. Last year I ran the 3000km Te Araroa trail in minimal shoes – predominately in Joe Nimble’s ‘nimbleToes Trail’, they carried me through all terrain from dense muddy bush trails to beautiful sandy beaches and rocky mountain tops. Minimal trail shoes give me the space I need for my toes to breath, allow my feet to feel unencumbered whilst also providing adequate grip and protection for my sole."

Minimalist Trail Running

"In delivering trail running workshops I really try to convey the importance of foot mobility, strength and proprioception; vital elements required for managing the demands of running on uneven terrain. I’m delighted when my clients begin to understand the link between poor foot function and the impacts this can have on the rest of their body; It’s like I’ve just given them the key in unearthing some long lost secrets! Or rather, simply looking at things from a different perspective can be so enlightening and empowering."

"I just love seeing my clients discover the true potential of their feet!"

~ Nat Gallant

Instagram : @trailrun_physio


Personal Achievements:

2019/2020: Running unsupported 3000km Te Araroa Trail, NZ. 26-hour marathon, Outward Bound. 2019: Tarawera Ultra 50Km 2018: Red Bull Skyline Run, Kinloch Off-Road Marathon. 2017: Marino Muster Cross Country Skiing Worldloppet 2013: Barcelona Sprint Triathlon, London Olympic distance Triathlon 2012: London-Paris Cycle in 24 hours 2006: Mt Chachani (6,057m), Peru 2005: Mt Kinabalu (4,095m), Malaysia  


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