We strongly recommend using the templates to check your foot size to ensure a perfect fit!

NOTE: Make sure your printer doesn’t resize or shrink to fit when printing! Larger sizes will need to be printed Poster across 2 sheets of paper.

To size yourself, print the template out and place your foot on the template so that the toe hole is between your big toe and first little toe. Make sure that your toes aren’t hanging off the front of the template, and that your ankles line up with the ankle slots on the sides of the sandal. If the ankle slots are under your foot a little bit, that’s ok, the laces come up and around your feet – just make sure that your toes don’t go past the front of the sandal, that your heel doesn’t go past the back of the sandal, and that the toe hole and ankle slots line up with your feet. For the best fit, we recommend choosing a sandal size that gives you between 32mm to 64cm of extra room in front of your toes and behind your heel.

(Click on the size to be redirrected to the printable size chart)

M4 (W5

M5 (W6)

M6 (W7)

M7 (W8.5)

M8 (W9.5)

M9 (W10.5)

M10 (W11.5)

M11 (W12)